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Skin Clinic

Alyra Health offers a full suite of skin treatments to cater for aesthetics, anti-aging, non-surgical skin tightening, and more advanced non-surgical procedures.

We carefully select our devices from reputable German companies that have cutting-edge technology, exceptional treatments with decades of clinical research, and offer results that are long-lasting with short downtime and fast recovery.

We appreciate that the skin undergoes so many changes through each decade of life and we have solutions to address a wide variety of concerns. From acne scars, stretch marks, mole removal, sun damage, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, tummy and neck lifts.

Our procedures not only treat your skin concern but also promotes neocollagenesis (new collagen synthesis) and neoealstogensis (elastin production) which decline with age. As a result, this creates immediate lift, dramatic skin tightening, and helps strengthen the skin matrix for plumping and surface rejuvenation.

Unlike many common treatments that break the skin, we use patented technology that maintains the integrity of the tissue, minimizing infection, and can target multiple skin depths without harm; this provides fast results so you don’t have to wait for months to achieve your clinical outcome.