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Alyra Health offers the latest technology in custom made flexible orthotics. We believe that your feet are the foundation of good posture and alignment. Yet with more than 90% of adults having pronation or Flat feet; this translates to many symptoms such as plantar fasciitis, arch and heel pain, ankle and pelvic pain as well as contributing to spinal imbalances, or scoliosis.

Our patented foot scan technology takes 70 different measurements and provides an accurate Postural stability index as well as a 3-arch support system that is unlike the typical plastic medial arch lift that only lifts one arch.

We also integrate the results with your full spinal and hip X-Rays to correct any leg length discrepancy due to birth defects, growth plate asymmetries or injury and surgical fusion, as well as plate and screw fixation.

Our orthotics are prescribed based on lifestyle and footwear. We cater for children, pregnancy, elite athletes, trades and metal capped shoes for industrial workers, office workers as well as women in heels. You can select from a variety of materials to suit your needs, or you can get them built into a sandal or a flip flop style, the choice is yours.


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