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Functional Medicine

At Alyra Health, we support our patients in enjoying a healthy detoxed body with functional medicine programs that assess the neuroendocrine, gastrointestinal, and hormonal systems.

We use groundbreaking DNA testing for specific gastrointestinal markers, which provides the most comprehensive stool analysis of bacteria, parasites, and first, for the market viruses, this eliminates the guess work which is common in this field, and the time and money wasted as well as the frustrations caused by hoping symptoms improve.

The patented microbe assay allows the precise targeting of opportunistic organisms, normal flora, and essential markers to assess inflammation, immune function, pancreatic function, occult blood, and antibiotic resistance.

This allows us to offer the most clinically effective treatment plans and medically researched practitioner quality supplementation to address the root cause of symptoms and provide proven protocols that work.

As stress is a huge factor in impacting many symptoms including chronic fatigue, adrenal stress, and food allergies, we also use very advanced urine & blood testing to get precise pathology profiles to ensure that our diagnoses are accurate and our treatment plans are based on suspected deficiencies or markers for cardiovascular, hormone, urinary tract markers based on medical and family history.

As we advocate wellness and health, we also offer a Wellness Test with 40 genetic marker analyses that impact metabolism, exercise, and energy to provide a genetic nutritional and fitness profile to enhance performance and optimize your lifestyle.