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At Alyra Health, we believe that it is vital to have a body that is balanced, healthy, and pain-free in order to perform at your best.
The master control of biomechanics, structure, and function of the body is the Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal System.

Our Chiropractic Services focus on assessing posture, movement, and balance to optimize your function, reduce pain as well as improve stability, mobility, and enhanced conditioning for your body. A variety of diagnostic testing is conducted to ensure that a holistic approach is implemented for addressing symptoms as well as prevention.

Chiropractic techniques used to deliver adjustments are evidence-based, low force, instrument adjusting. This provides a precise and accurate correction that is gentle and 100x faster than manual adjusting, preventing the body from tightening and resisting the correction. It also targets the joints that need correction while preserving the integrity of surrounding tissue.
Our devices use patent technology with biofeedback and auto sensor when joint correction and motion is achieved, this is beneficial especially if you have degenerative joint disease or arthritis for patient safety and prevention of overcorrection.

As life and work demands can cause constant stress and a surge in cortisol, there is an ongoing and heightened fight/flight focus, which affects balance and depletes the immune system, which in turn impacts digestion, reproduction, and hormone balance. We use an advanced neuroscience-based protocol to address the impact of this neglected and unresolved adaptation to physical, emotional, and biochemical stressors by very specific brain health checks to assess any deficiency related to trauma or lifestyle.