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How We Are Reflecting On Lessons Learnt From The Pandemic And You Can Too…

Set Yourself Up Strategically For A Successful New Year

As we all get ready to close off another challenging year, we reflect on all that we had to face, overcome and pivot towards. It has been a test of resilience and the survival of the toughest. We have seen the best of humanity in innovation, creating new ways of doing things and the genuine selflessness of those who stood strong to help the masses in what was new, foreign and unprecedented. We saw the worst of humanity in those who preyed on others’ fear, abuse of power and toxicity. It was the year we all had to make really hard decisions that impacted us and those in our lives. Some unleashed their dreams and created their ideal business and the rise of the online entrepreneur across all ages and industries took place, some bravely took part in the great resignation and left their abusive corporate job and all the bullies and opportunistic soul-sucking vampires behind forever.

Big changes to our socialising, doing business and our daily living took place and tested us emotionally, mentally and financially. For those of us who stayed at home, every minute of every day with our immediate family, we got to appreciate how we now have to manage our expectations; some were grateful to be blessed with an amazing family; kids and a life partner that provided the love and support needed to keep going no matter what. It was a chance to reassess life priorities and change to consciously be more available and bond on a deeper level with those we love. While others realised that work is an escape from the challenging and incompatible partner they need to get away from. Some children suffered the loss of education, having friends and seeing their extended families, while the single adults appreciated how vital it is to be around friends and a support system to be a healthy human being.

All of us faced one or more challenges that will change our life to a new way of living, working and dealing with those we care about. It was an opportunity to examine how we spend our time and what is our top priorities, and if we are truly fulfilled?

At Alyra Health, we feel that to set up the New Year successfully, the following areas need to be examined in terms of where we are now, where we want to be and how we are going to get there.


This is pivotal for healthy living to look at our current physical, emotional and mental well-being. Where are you compared to your ideal health goals? Did you end up getting some covid curves as we spent months away from the gym and days snacking on our beds for endless hours while working? Are you working insane hours and not resting, sleeping or rejuvenating and running on adrenaline and cortisol endlessly? Are you getting overwhelmed and anxious about everything and it seems that there are triggers everywhere that are making you feel depressed. These are important issues as our health is a cornerstone of making life a joy or a struggle.


This is an area that can elevate us to success or trap us into an endless merry-go-round. Do you earn your living in a career that you are passionate about, are you at the top of your game and are constantly improving and loving your contribution to your industry? Do you feel respected and appreciated by your colleagues? Are you a mentor for those who are just starting out and are you leading them towards a path of success as you share your journey?

Or is it time to pivot the way you do things and change, reassess how much time, effort and energy you are spending, what you are trading for the success, time and money? Is this the way that is ideal for your personality and makes you feel at your best? If you love it, great…

If you hate it and have regrets and wish it was different, then start now to create a strategic plan to get to where you will feel content. Look forward to living the life that you deserve without giving up on what matters to you.

Your worth is not in how you make a living but in the authentic talent and gift you bring to what you dedicate your time to, so spend your time wisely.


Money makes the world go round, yes it is easier to live without anxiety knowing that you have enough net worth and cash on hand if money from work or a business dries up. Those who were deemed non-essential services even some of the top-earning professionals like surgeons had to close during the lockdown. Most realised that it is not just about what you earn, but what you save and the importance of having multiple sources of income. This is now not a luxury for the rich and elite but most workers across all industries have had to adopt more than one investment stream and more than one job.

We are doing a personal and business audit on what is a good buffer to have as a business, how can each of us feel abundant and comfortable financially to enjoy stress-free living and ensure we can manage whatever life emergencies get thrown at us. Do your financial audit, budget, save and invest wisely so you are catastrophe proof for you and your family.


Humans are designed to relate with one another, life would be meaningless without people in it. Here we value healthy relationships that are mutually respectful and built on love and trust. In these relationships, we celebrate each other’s successes and milestones and provide each other with strong support when life gets tough. So evaluate all of the relationships in your life. Do you have a healthy balance of networks that are work-related, family, friends and a romantic partner? Or are you a healthy single who feels better alone? Do all your relationships feel like a blessing, or are there some that need to improve? Are you giving the time and the nurturing to the most valuable relationships to you, or are you being drained out by toxic people in your circles?

This is when it can get tough to change things because some of the most draining personalities we deal with are here to stay or difficult to change or leave; especially if it is a family member, a lifelong friend who has always behaved that way or a life partner who will be expensive to extract yourself from? Then there’s the toxic bully at work who gets the credit for your projects and you may feel the only way is to put up with this as you have no way of exposing their manipulative behaviour and parasitic character. Only you see their true colours and exposing them will make you the outcast as they have many faces and no one will believe you, it will sabotage your professional image and will create havoc.

Be very careful on how you deal with toxic people and what you share with them.

Be very honest with yourself on all the relationships that are causing you mental dysregulation and are constantly draining your energy. Malignant and toxic personalities are becoming very prevalent and you need to protect yourself so you can live a happy and healthy life. Do set very clear boundaries so that you can identify any red flags and delete people that are exhausting and drain the life out of you with no regard for the impact on your well-being. Create strategic plans to deal with them in any area of life without falling prey to their parasitic nature and robbing yourself of your peace.

Life is too short, live every day on purpose doing what brings you joy, celebrate those precious moments and create unforgettable memories, do not allow vampires to rob you of your gifts, resources or time, do not allow these to enter your life or design a way out that will minimise your harm.

The best is yet to come, we wish all that 2022 is a blessing and joy-filled year ahead. Celebrate every day, prepare and plan for all the changes now and start figuring out how you will make it happen. You deserve it.


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