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Get Ready, Reset, Go… The Alyra Health Goals Blueprint

Jan 17, 2023

Sick of making New Year’s resolutions that you never stick to ? Use our 3 Step Alyra Health Blueprint to ensure Achieving your Goals in 2023 is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

2023, a New Year, a fresh start, an opportunity to create a more desirable outcome for the year ahead and learn from the past.

This is a time where most of us are hopeful that we can wipe out the past errors and control the future by creating resolutions. We are determined to make it work this year. Yet, the reality is, as life’s chaos resumes and the festive season comes to a conclusion, we fail to stick to the plan, and the guilt begins for breaking the promise that this year will be different. Alyra Health is here to help you ensure that this year is the year that you succeed in creating a system to achieve your resolutions. Learn how to make your goals part of your daily routine, and ensure you achieve what you set out in January.

Here is our blueprint for success, enjoy.


 1. Get Ready

The first step is to reflect on the past year. It’s always wise to pause before you begin anything new as you close a chapter to learn all that you can. This serves two purposes; first is to acknowledge your success, achievements and accomplishments; secondly to learn from the feedback life gave you and to not repeat any defeating cycles or behaviours moving forward that may impact your success.

Decide which key areas of life are important to begin your audit. Work/Business, Finances, Health, Relationships, Family, Spirituality, Personal Growth; or any other area that is significant to who you are right now. In doing that you segment your life and create compartments to be fair to your efforts. This prevents the common pitfalls of living a mediocre life and not elevating yourself or accelerating to get what you want or deserve in the key aspects that you need to master. It is also essential to create harmony that is aligned with what is valuable in this phase of life. Alyra Health does not promote the traditional work/life balance. We acknowledge that life cannot be set up where each element is given equal share of your attention. If you do that, you can be sure that you will achieve mediocrity at best and that is a sure way to lead you to frustration, feeling of failure, guilt and stress. It is therefore important to be dynamic and assign your energy to each facet of life according to its priority.

Once you have your key life areas, you can begin to analyse each for the success you achieved, lessons learnt, things to delete, and things to add to your life in the year to come.

Now you are ready to take a look at what was and decide in the year ahead what are the top 3 areas that you need to focus on to make your life better.

Be sure to take time to celebrate your successes, and decide what’s the next best move for all the lessons learnt.

2. Reset

Are You ready for a Reset? Let’s Go…

  • Here is the simple checklist to ask yourself
  • What do I want?
  • Why do I want it?
  • How will I get there?
  • When do I schedule this and how often?
  • Who can I get to help me?
  • When do I know I successfully achieved it?

1. Choose Your Goal & Be Specific

So here is where you begin to get really clear on the ideal outcome that you desire to achieve. You know where you are now, where you want to be in 12 months, so we have a destination. For example if you want to lose weight decide what is your ideal weight that you are aiming for. If you want to improve body aesthetics, be very clear on what that means, do you want to be lean, bulk up and have more muscle tone. If you want to work less but improve your productivity, have more time building relationships that are important to your wellbeing, what ever the goal is, let yourself imagine what it is you want, how you will feel when you achieve it, what will you look like, feel like, and how that desired state will enhance your life. Engage all your senses to ensure that you really want it. While this form of positive visualisation is helpful to motivate you to start your journey research has shown that it is actually negative visualisation that is a more potent motivator. Understanding and visualising what will happen over time if you do not engage in the activity you need to achieve provides a pressure, which in healthy amounts, will spur you into activity. For more information watch this phenomenal podcast by neuroscientist, Andrew Huberman.

2. Allocate 4 Milestones

Decide what 4 milestones you think are key to track your progress. Each milestone will be 3 months, this is important as it will be “12 week cycle” that helps reduce the BIG goal into 4 parts. It also resembles the four seasons, and the body takes 90 days to consolidate a new habit to assimilate it into your new lifestyle. So now we are chunking the audacious goal into quarterly milestones to reduce any self sabotaging behaviour and manage negative mindsets strategically.

3. Break down each Milestone into 3 Blocks

 This gives us the monthly focus to achieve our milestone. Keep it simple to ensure that it can be easily integrated consistently. Each block will be a project.You can go further by breaking each month’s focus or project into 4 or 5 weekly tasks. Then to ensure your success doesn’t stall you can break it down into a checklist on your calendar; daily, weekdays, weekends, before work, during work, after work, morning routine, evening routine and so on, based on the nature of the goal.

Here is where you break everything into as many singular micro habits that are easy to check off and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Now you have created a menu for the milestone, decide in advance how you will reward yourself when it is accomplished.

It is important, however, to remember that consistent rewards dull the pleasure and hence the motivating factor that rewards provide. Therefore, to maintain effective motivation you should provide yourself rewards like gambling provides wins. You should complete the activity you are planning on rewarding yourself for consistently but reward yourself randomly. This will drive you to continue to engage in the activity and not acclimatise to the reward. If you would like a deeper explanation of this phenomenon click here.

Then have solutions for obstacles or challenges you foresee happening, so that if it does, then you are prepared and your progress does not suffer. If you need to have other people for support to achieve this, then start researching who the best option is and have 2 other alternatives for backup. Now you know you have taken care of all the elements so your success is mapped out. Reset mode is officially complete…


Begin by creating your schedule. Start with The first monthly focus, have the weekly activities all scheduled in, any backup plans, look at reviewing each week to check, what did I do really well, what is still a challenge , how can I improve my daily routine to make adjustments for what was unexpected. What areas do I need to focus on getting support , or delegating so I can have complete focus and clarity without other parts of my life suffering.

If this becomes too much to manage, then focus on 1 area of life only, 1 goal only, when you can master your schedule to incorporate the new habits for that goal, then stack more on. The key is to be kind to yourself and design the plan to success by considering what is realistic. If things don’t work out. Stop, Reflect, Amend, Reset & Go again.


If you are handling things well, feeling supercharged and achieving things effortlessly. Amazing & congratulations!!!

You can accelerate by doing this each year.

Choose one thing You want to focus on perfecting as a Lifelong Endeavour. An example is creating a legacy, mastering human behaviour and diplomacy, becoming a polyglot (one who speaks many languages).

You can also add an annual goal to focus on as a Character Trait. Like mastering your emotional state in all situations, Improving your vocabulary, levelling up your wardrobe, healing from past experiences, or anything that you feel will improve your image to yourself and others.

Finally, you can add a Quarterly Goal to keep you improving in all areas of your life. Maybe you want to commit to 10 minutes of mediation daily, wake up an hour earlier, to read for 30 minutes everyday, or anything that you feel if you can conquer, you will feel a sense of pride.

This Planning-for-Success Blueprint can be implemented anytime of the year. Or you can do a super fast version for 12 weeks, where a week resembles 1 month, this is ideal for those who are time poor and don’t have the capacity to do a full makeover. Try it and you will still gain improvements, it’s just about having CLARITY & FOCUS.

At Alyra Health, we set our goals to bring us joy, fulfilment and a sense of purpose. As individuals , each of us matters and we make an impact to those around us. How we show up in the world adds value to those in our life, so strive to always be the best version of you and live each day intentionally, you will begin to realise that it is our obligation and responsibility to participate in life in a very elevated way, especially if we are one of the 5 people others spend time with, add value to their interactions with you by being a model of excellence. Life is a game, learn the rules and play smart, hard & consistently. Here is to your success…



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