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Alyra Health’s Third Pillar of Health: “Emotional Health”

Mar 5, 2023

Now we come to the final pillar in the Alyra Health Triad, Emotional Health. Our emotional state is an integral aspect of our health, and if neglected it can lead to the other 2 pillars of physical and chemical health suffering. Since the global pandemic there has been so much shared about wellness, mindfulness, trauma, abuse, personality disorders and more labels that are trending.

On the positive aspect, we have witnessed the rise of the self – made entrepreneur, the triumph of innovation, and the willingness to stand up for one’s rights and exit the matrix through the “great resignation”. This came at a cost financially, emotionally and the stress we all felt of venturing into the unknown. Human rights, women making a stand, countries at war fighting for power and control.
Yet, when humanity collectively unites together against inhumane actions, or when natural disasters target our countries and leave many devastated, homeless and helpless, we mourn the catastrophe and come together to do good to those who need help.
It is more devastating when we deal with loss, grief, abuse, injustice behind closed doors. When to the outside world, we are putting on a show of success, our social media profiles are a display of a life to be envied. Yet, we are suffering in silence. Maybe those who are our inner circle, the family we grew up in or made with our partner, are the very people who are the cause of our grief.

We are here to get to the core of the essential elements of mental health. You can understand how best to protect your emotional state from internal(self) and external (others)influences. Once you identify the red flags, you create ways that support you to maintain the integrity of your emotional pillar. You must keep this aspect of your life pristine and clean, never allowing anyone, including yourself or significant people to tarnish your sense of self.
Then, when you are very aware of anything harmful and eliminate it or deal with it promptly, so it does not fester, then you focus on building this pillar to constantly create positive aspects that support your happiness and harmony.

1. Wellbeing:

This is defined by WHO as “quality of life and the ability of people and societies to contribute to the world with a sense of meaning and purpose”.
Alyra Health prefers the definition from a European social survey and analysis of 40,000 individuals per year for 6 yearsIt states that “well-being is the combination of feeling good and functioning well. The experience of positive emotions such as happiness and contentment as well as the development of one’s potential, having some control over one’s life, having a sense of purpose, and experiencing positive relationships.”

It also highlights the link to success at professional, personal, and interpersonal levels, where there is greater productivity, more effective learning, increased creativity, more prosocial behaviours, and positive relationships.” It also emphasises that those who experience well-being in childhood are likely to have it in adulthood. Higher levels of well-being are linked to better physical health and longevity. It is vital that we develop this sense in our children so they can get a strong healthy dose of self-esteem from the beginning to set them up for success. If you have not been blessed with these gifts in your childhood, you can give that to yourself now. You may need to do some work to replace the self-limiting beliefs you carry with ones that enhance your experience of life now.

In this Ted Talk, Dr. Irum Tahir describes how the subconscious drives your limiting beliefs. To delve deeper into how to rewrite your programming, Dr. Bruce Lipton, an epigenetics expert and the author of the “Biology of Belief” explains in this video, how you can rewrite your learnt patterns of behavior and thinking that has been imprinted on us from 0-7 years old. This becomes our blueprint, which can be reprogrammed by using the conscious mind to replace negative behaviours with positive ones. This is where affirmations have been used to influence a desired change. The problem arises, when the repetition is not consistent or the words are not believed by your mind, so it is not effective. Dr. Joe Dispenza shares a way to brainwash your brain and destroy negative thoughts on impact theory.

2. Relationships:

Having positive relationships is essential to mental and emotional wellbeing. Across all aspects of our life, we need the love and support from family, friends and colleagues. We live a more fulfilling life when we can openly share our struggles without being judged. Get wisdom and advice when at a crossroad in life or struggling to make the best decision. As well as feeling valued, appreciated and celebrated by our coworkers and partner. These positive, nurturing relationships are the essence of having a fabulous human experience. It is the one thing that will matter when we are at the end of our life, to be surrounded by loving people who we shared memories, built our character and grew with along our journey. Invest time in these relationships because they are very precious.

There are those unfortunate circumstances when we end up surrounded with toxic personalities, who are commonly known as frenemies, haters, bullies or malignant narcissists that can destroy our perception of who we are because of their hatefulness or mental disorders. This scenario is very common and the scars from these relationships may take years to recognize, heal and move on from. Their impact may cripple us from believing in the goodness of humanity and limit our lens of seeing people and questioning if they are capable of being caring or loving without an agenda. If you ever have experienced this, it turns your life upside down. It is very hard to explain without feeling crazy, and your reputation and professional success may be compromised depending on the character you are dealing with. It is wise to screen people before engaging in a relationship that can have this negative impact. It is highly recommended that if entangled in a relationship with any of the abovementioned personalities that you take the steps to leave to maintain your emotional health and sanity.
Please review these YouTube channels for support: @DoctorRamani, @SurvivingNarcissism and a fantastic self-help book “Cleaning up Your Mental Mess”. 

3. Stress Level:

A well-researched stress management tool that focuses on creating a better version of yourself is meditation. It has been well documented that regular practice has many physical and emotional benefits and can contribute to longevity. Listen to these experts on the Big Think and how they share that a Harvard study revealed that daily meditation shrinks the cortical brain regions relating to stress and increases the region for compassion. Elite level meditators are able to reach constant high levels of Gamma brain waves, allowing them to be in a constant state of bliss.

Not all stress is bad for you, there is good stress that supports your clarity, focus and drive. This is where you release adrenaline, dopamine, cortisol to drive your heart rate and brain function to optimize your performance. Conversely, there is toxic stress that is chronic unmanaged stress. It has negative impact that prevents you from clear thinking and creates anxiety, this is what you want to minimize and manage better. Dr Caroline Leaf is a neuroscientist who has many great resources to manage stress in a healthy way. Alyra Health uses her Neurocycle methodology as one of the tools to improve physical and emotional stress that lead to pain when unmanaged. 

4. Experiences:

Life is full of surprises. Most of us do not live the life that we planned or hoped for. Some of us have struggles that stifle us or take us to a path that was never part of our vision for ourselves. This maybe a result of disease, death or divorce. Some take a detour because we did not have a plan and so we went with the flow and ended up miserable. There are also some who have been blessed with great people, great opportunities, great upbringing, connections and status. They played all the cards right and took advantage of those blessings, never taking anything for granted and are living a life beyond anything they could ever imagine.
No matter where you are in the spectrum, no one lives and does not have some challenges. It is part of being human and how we build our character. Alyra Health practitioners always recommend that one of the greatest ways to have mental well-being is to intentionally make time to have great life experiences with those you love. To travel, explore hobbies and learn things that bring you joy. Immerse yourself in nurturing relationships. Most of all aim to always make a difference to those you meet along your journey. If we all have the intention of impacting humanity to make every interaction meaningful, touching the lives of others in a profound way with our unique gifts, that is a life well lived. That doesn’t mean you have to be a global philanthropist, even though they are a blessing. It simply can be the day to day simple things that you do to make the lives of those around you pleasant, that you share love, kindness, empathy and show compassion. With this we leave you to decide what areas in your emotional health pillar needs focus…Nurture positive relationships, address trauma and rewire your mind to remove any limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Replace paralyzing beliefs with limitless ones. Live the best life you can and do what you love.



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