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Alyra Health’s First Pillar of Health: “Physical Health”

Feb 15, 2023

Our Physical Health is the first pillar we look at assessing at Alyra Health . That is because it is the most apparent area that we all try to work at improving. This includes exercise, weight loss, pain management and mobility. Most of us strive to look fit, lean and reduce pain. Many undertake a variety of exercise programs, dieting plans or aesthetic procedures to look good on the outside as well. So how do we assess this to decide what needs to be focused on?

Alyra Health looks at 4 key components. These are:

1. Structure:

This is your form, your unique anatomy which is made up of your musculoskeletal system and gives you tone, is responsible for your body type, overall shape and for your physical appearance. Here at Alyra Health, our chiropractic doctor examines your spine for Subluxation (insert Insta link) or degeneration of the spine indicating wear and tear and arthritis (Insert Insta link), and checks for any bony anomalies like fractures due to injury, leg length discrepancies from uneven growth plate closure, foot anatomy and more. We also screen for scoliosis (Insert Insta link) to assess if it is due to other factors and how best to support the spine if there is any disc bulge or nerve compression that may lead to chronic pain. A thorough postural analysis is also conducted to check for balance and symmetry, because an optimised posture leads to better physical health.

2. Function:

This relates to your physiology and how healthy your organs are. Here, a thorough medical, family and trauma history is conducted by our Chiropractor to look for any warning signs. This needs to be considered when creating the Alyra Health Personalised Health program for peak performance, alongside any exercise or personal training protocols you currently use. If there is a diagnosis of a condition, medical management or history of surgery, all these factors need to be considered when optimising your physical health and side effect of medication profile is assessed, as well as recovery from surgery and the need for rehabilitation is focused on.

Most of us do benefit from including a cardio program for heart health, any precautions and contraindications need to be advised by your healthcare practitioner.

If there is hormonal involvement due to thyroid dysfunction, high stress leading to a cortisol surge or women having polycystic ovarian syndrome, then Functional Medicine lab testing is integrated to provide the root cause of the issue as well as the solution in the form of supplementation, medication or dietary changes is also included. On the other hand, if there is a kidney or liver component then a detox is always considered to optimise organ function first.

3. Movement:
In this day and age it is very common for most of us to be sitting down working, or driving for more than 10 hours a day. This is what Alyra Health Chiropractors call sedentary trauma. Due to the impact of gravity, your spine gets compressed from the hunched over posture. If we are not hydrating regularly, or moving our spine to provide joint lubrication and reduce stiffness during the day, this can lead to degenerative joint disease. As we reduce our range of movement over time and get stiff, achy joints that may start to pop or crackle (joint crepitus) this can be a sign that our body is experiencing arthritis associated with reduced blood flow and cartilage material becoming compromised.
There is a way to fix this by simply adding different movements that are easy to do throughout your day as Josh from Strength Side recommends. Check out his top 12 movements and start to integrate them and watch your stiffness improve.

4. Flexibility:
If you are not flexible and using the excuse of “I have big muscles”, then watch this video by Fitness FAQs and use the 3 stretches recommended to improve your flexibility now.
To improve your flexibility please include dynamic stretching as this is the key to success, and is more time efficient than static stretching. This can take many forms that are popular like yoga, or pilates and if practiced regularly, will enhance your flexibility dramatically. We love this Boho Beautiful Platform with fantastic views and different stretching programs for all levels, to practice anywhere you like, from 10 minutes to 1 hour, you can fit it in your busy schedule and relax from the inside out.

Another fantastic modality is reformer pilates, this is great especially for those who have lack of symmetry, balance, poor posture or a scoliosis. The reformer is a fantastic option as the pulleys ensure that you are balanced and symmetrical. That is why, Alyra Health believes in bespoke programs based on your X-ray imaging, and postural assessments. Once you know what you need then you can create the ideal program that will give you the maximum gain with minimum pain. No one wants to spend valuable time to improve their health while the activity they’re engaging in can potentially lead to more damage or progress pain faster.

If you want to dive deeper into the science behind the benefits of stretching and get access to protocols backed by science, then listen to this renowned neuroscientist, Dr Andrew Huberman, in this episode.  He reveals how to practice micro stretching and its benefits which include preventing injury, reducing inflammation and modulating mental and physical pain, as well as slowing down the progression of certain diseases.


5. Strength
This form of training is an essential element for longevity and reducing the likelihood of fractures due to osteoporosis or ostoepenia as we age and lose bone density. The earlier we begin this form of training, the greater the benefits. This will be more significant as our hormonal profile changes with age, and we become stronger than our counterparts. A simple way to practice strength enhancement is by carrying heavy loads. Practice this wisely so you don’t cause damage, and avoid combination movements , like flexion and rotation, keep the movement in a single plane and pure. An example is carrying something overhead and not twisting, or bending down and lifting a load in the centre of our body without favouring one side.

Alyra Health Practitioners love to recommend Calisthenics and High Intensity Interval training (Hiit). This is because it can be one exercise with calisthenics performed with focus on form and technique, like Adam Frater’s 15 minute practice video that explains the best practice to set up a solid foundation.  Calisthenics usually begin with body weight and so is ideal for those who travel or don’t go to gyms.

Alternatively Hiit can use body weight, gym equipment or free weights. Our favourite PT is Lisa from Body Rock TV, she has many training programs for strength, muscle building as well as fat burning routines. Check this one out or do one of the challenges from 5 day to 30 day programs.

Alyra Health does not believe in excuses when it comes to protecting your physical health. We have provided you with many online protocols that can help kickstart you in the right direction.
We would also love to be part of your support team to show you where you are with our comprehensive chiropractic consultation and assessments.

If you want to take the first step to improving your Physical Health Pillar, email us your interest and we will send you our Chiropractic special offer including:

  • Postural Assessment
  • Foot Scan
  • Comprehensive examination for mobility, flexibility & Movement
  • X-Ray Imaging to check for scoliosis, arthritis or spinal damage
  • Full report and recommendations


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