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At Alyra Health, you get highly trained healthcare providers with decades of experience and thousands of hours of clinical practice, as well as an ongoing postgraduate education in their fields. This ensures that your tailored care programs will be effective in providing you with the desired outcomes without trial and error.

We value our patient’s time and have optimized our procedures so that most of our operations are digital, safe, and tailored for efficiency and speed to provide you with the maximum health benefits in the quickest timeframe so you can fit this easily in your schedule.

We cater to busy professionals who need care before or after work or in their break sessions, as well as weekends and evenings. We believe that high achievers should have access to quality care to suit their availability.

Alyra Health utilizes the latest AI technology in patient diagnostics to bring you the most accurate results and optimize your performance so that you can reach your full potential fast.

Our medical devices for the pain and skin clinic programs are rigorously selected based on safety, compliance, and clinical outcome profile.


We Are Successful Professionals who understand what you need

Business Owners

We know the constant challenge You face to maintain and scale a successful operation.
Your health is key to keeping you going without burnout. Be the elite CEO and elevate your success with optimized health. We have tailored care plans designed for you…

Corporate Professionals

Every industry has pivoted its operations and expectations. The competition is fierce.
We help you stand out and have an unfair advantage. Optimize your day with health routines that are created for corporates to get things done, manage stress effectively and enjoy balance.


Managing teams and people can have a great mental, emotional, and health impact.
Get your boundaries and balance in order, and enjoy your workday to be more impactful.
You can climb the ladder of high achievers, be productive, and have stress-free living.


Peak executive performance requires reliable & sustainable stress and health management.

To effectively oversee operations, individuals and teams in an increasingly competitive business environment, you need to perform at a consistently high level.

We help to ensure that a personalised and optimised treatment program is in place to service your health needs allowing you to be your best without stress.