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3 Pillars of Health: What are they & How to Optimise them for Better Living

Feb 2, 2023

Most of us are blessed with good health, yet it is rare that we recognise that for what it truly is, a gift, a precious gift.
We take our health, youth and vitality for granted and push ourselves to hustle, struggle, or climb the corporate ladder. All in pursuit of happiness, success, or status to realise that we squandered our health, our most valuable asset and the return on investment was not worth it.

When we get sick, there’s frustration by the inconvenience but it is rare that we are grateful for good health when we possess it. Maybe it is due to the fact that in this day and age advances in science, medicine and healthcare lead us to see good health as an entitlement. Yet, a wake up call came to us all through the pandemic, that in an instant we can have our life turned upside down due to illness, the fear of the unknown, and of the ramifications of the suffering that may ensue.

At Alyra Health, we know that everyone is striving to do the best they can with their circumstances. Those high achievers who aim for excellence, to follow their ambition, to contribute to society and to have an impact. We know it comes at a cost. Those who are balancing family needs and being a good parent while not neglecting their career and their passion also have to settle for not achieving everything at the level they would be happy with because of burnout.

Most of us want to figure out a way to have it all. The amazing career and success; the loving relationship with family, and our significant other; adoring children who make us proud and the network of people we do business with.

We opt to show our best version of who we are, and feel that we need to have it all together. Taking care of your health and making that a priority will help you get there, because without your health, your quality of life is compromised.

At Alyra Health, we acknowledge one simple truth and that is, life is tough, no matter who you are, or what you have accomplished. There is always a sacrifice.

Realise that in every phase of life the focus needs to be aligned with where you are. Decide what you value and nurture that aspect. We believe that you can have it all in life, but maybe just not all at once. Get clear and go for it. You can also change your mind if it is not what you expected, don’t be afraid to pivot. However, know that to be your best in whatever area of life you choose, you need to harness all the healthy habits throughout life, because that is foundational to your well being.

To optimise your health, you need to consider all three pillars that Alyra Health assesses. These pillars are Physical, Chemical and Emotional Health. Each pillar, if neglected can compromise your sense of wellbeing, but with awareness and focus to harness balance, you can enjoy greater health and longevity.


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