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Business Owners

We know the constant challenge You face to maintain and scale a successful operation.

Corporate Professionals

Every Industry has pivoted its operations and expectations.


Managing teams and people can have a great mental, emotional, and health impact.


Peak executive performance requires reliable & sustainable stress and health management.


*Back & Neck Pain
*Posture & Ergonomic correction
*Headaches & Sciatica


*Hormone Imbalance
*Stress & Fatigue
*Gut Health
*Autoimmune Disease



Functional Medicine

*Back & Hip Pain
*Plantar Fasciitis
*Flat Feet Correction
*Bunion & Arthritis




*Muscular & Joint Pain
*Nerve Pain
*Anxiety, Stress & Fatigue

Pain Clinic

*Skin Tag, Sun Spot & Mole Removal
*Stretch Marks, Acne & Scar Revision
*Wrinkle Reduction
*Blepharoplasty, Brachioplasty & Labioplasty 

Skin Clinic


STEP 1 : Book an Initial Consultation

*Please call or email a request to book your initial consultation at a day and time that suits you

*Fill out the appropriate New Patient Form and email or bring it with you on your visit

*We respect your time and appreciate that you are busy, we ask that you kindly attend your appointment at the booked session and be on time, our policy for cancellations or to reschedule is 24 Hours Notice. We look forward to serving you.

STEP 2 : Diagnostic Testing, Imaging & Scans

*The appropriate diagnostic testing will be conducted based on your History, condition, and symptoms.

*We use the latest AI Based technology for assessments of posture, ergonomics, functional movement, and Body Composition

*Our Imaging Uses advanced 2D and 3D imaging with Noble Prize-winning particle detector and innovative linear scanning techniques. This allows for optimum advanced full-body imaging instead of sectional which in turn reduces radiation exposure

*Pain & Skin Clinic protocols will include a treatment on the first visit.

STEP 3 : Discuss Your Results

* Here is where we thoroughly educate you about your body’s current state of health, how it relates to your symptoms, and provide you with our optimum recommendations of care with the appropriate modalities.

* We will provide treatment to see how your body responds and provide you with post-care instructions

STEP 4 : Your Personalised Treatment Plan Begins

* After your second treatment, we can design a tailored plan based on your results.
* Our Personalised program will look at your desired goals, the time frame you need to achieve this by as well as the frequency based on your work and lifestyle commitments.
* Transformation Begins to optimize your health and achieve consistent results

STEP 5 : Re-assessment after your Care Plan is Completed

* We schedule reassessment sessions after milestones in care for optimum results and accountability.
* Our Programs and recommendations will adapt to any changes you need
* We will then discuss the next steps so that you can maintain your results and transition to the next level